Melanotan 2 For Sexual Dysfunction

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Apple Set to Shut Down Beats Music by November 30th

The popular subscription-based online music streaming site Beats Music is set to shut down by November 30th. According to reports which first appeared on Entertainment Weekly, from the beginning of next month subscribers will no longer be able to enjoy Beast Music services. It is a rather surprising turn of events seeing the site had gained plenty of traction in the market. Moreover, it is barely two years since the service was launched amidst much fanfare.

Beats Music was founded as a collaborative effort between the award winning music producer and rapper Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records. Initially known as “Daisy”, the service was only available to subscribers in the United States.

While the news of Beats Music closing shop has caught many subscribers as a shock, industry insiders insist this should not be the case. Indeed, Apple had already acquired a controlling stake in the company as well as the sister establishment Beats Electronics, the makers of the immensely popular Beats by Dre speakers, headphones and audio processing software. As part of the deal, both founders of the Beats enterprise, Dre and Iovine, joined Apple.

Another interesting twist in the sage came back in June of this year when Apple launched their own music subscription service: Apple Music. Unsurprisingly, Apple has already sent notifications to migrate their profiles over to Apple Music. It is a great overture into on-demand entertainment as Apple continues on its relentless path to adapt to emerging needs and demands by their customers.

Apple Music is the very first venture by the company to the emerging music subscription service. Just like Beasts Music, it is refreshing to see that Apple Music will run on both iOS devices like the iPod, iPhone and iPad as well as on the now virtually ubiquitous Android devices.

As a mark of the news service’s popularity, independent reports show that there has been 6.5 million paying subscribers to the service in less than six months since its inception. There are also well nigh 9 million on the 90 day free trial period. For comparison purposes, Spotify, the other subscription service offering music streaming has 25 million paying subscribers and 50 million others who listen in for free.

Apple has been waxing lyrical about the superiority of their product. Branded to be more than a just a black box dispensing entertainment on demand, Apple Music is said to include custom features such as offering recommendations on music you listen to regularly, round the clock streaming of live radio and exclusive materials from favorite artists.